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Make sure you look out for your Catholic Chaplaincy. Most Universities and HE Institutions have a dedicated Catholic Chaplain based in the university or the local parish. The Chaplaincy is a place for you to explore your faith as a young adult, to meet other young people with similar interests from a great range of backgrounds, and to get involved in activities and social outreach. If you already have a strong faith, this is a chance to deepen it. If you are full of questions and doubts, this is a chance to share them and search for some honest answers about life and faith. Everyone is welcome. To find your local Chaplaincy, visit the Catholics at University website at:

Pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady: Sunday 10th September

The southern part of the diocese make their annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady at Fernyhalgh near Preston; we in the north make our annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Our lady at Cleator, this year with Mass and Blessing of the Sick at 3pm. Leading us this year will be Bishop Michael Campbell.

We are told we live in a ‘post-truth’ society. Trust in politicians and the media is greatly undermined. As we honour Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom-we see her offering us her Son–a more profound truth than this world can offer.

As well as having a beautiful replica of the Lourdes grotto, in the grounds of the shrine at Cleator, are statues of the Cure of Ars and of St Therese of Lisieux. The pilgrimage will be an opportunity not only to honour Mary the Mother of God, but also these two great saints, and to ask their intercession for healing and consolation. All are invited from the parishes in the northern part of our diocese, especially the sick.

As usual we invite the young people of our Diocese to walk in pilgrimage from Honister across Haystacks into Ennerdale then on to Cleator, beginning their journey at Castlerigg Manor on Friday 8th September. This is also an event to make friends and be physically challenged and concludes with the diocesan Mass at Cleator at 3pm. Young people, 16+, can register their interest in joining the walk by contacting Fr John at Castlerigg -tel. 017687 72711.

I will take the car to Cleator, leaving St Catherine’s about 1.30pm and can easily take three others. If you want to join me, let me know. Fr Jerome.

National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress, 7th to 9th September 2018

The bishops of England and Wales invite all our people to a National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress in Liverpool they will hold next year. Eucharistic Congresses are gatherings of clergy, religious and laity which promote an awareness of the central place of the Eucharist in the life and mission of the Church. The last International Eucharistic Congress in England was held in 1908 when permission for a public procession of the Blessed Sacrament was refused. Participants will engage in a series of sessions focusing on different dimensions of the Eucharist and the daily celebration and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Bishops say:  "We seek to rejuvenate Eucharistic adoration in our parishes as the source of strength for our lives and for our mission, that of making present the love and compassion of Jesus in our society."

Ahead of the previous Eucharistic Congress in Genoa in 2016, Pope Francis encouraged everyone to visit the Blessed Sacrament, if possible, every day: "Moreover, I want to encourage everyone to visit – if possible, every day – especially amid life’s difficulties, the Blessed Sacrament of the infinite love of Christ and His mercy, preserved in our churches, and often abandoned, to speak filially with Him, to listen to Him in silence, and to peacefully entrust yourself to Him."

The Eucharistic Congress has been given the title Adoremus (let us adore) and this pilgrimage will bring people together from across the dioceses and further the service of the poor and marginalised in our midst. It will also aim to provide practical resources to develop the mission of the Church in prayer, contemplation and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Centenary of the Appearance of Our Lady at Fatima

children of fatima.jpg

The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, appeared six times between 13th May and 13th October 1917 to three shepherd children: Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta who lived in the small, impoverished village of Fatima. The people of this region had remained faithful to the Catholic Church during what had been the recent persecutions by the Portuguese government.

The Blessed Virgin came with a message not just for the children but for all peoples throughout our times. She promised the world would be at peace and people would be saved if her words were listened to and people turned back to the God who loved them. On the other hand war, hunger, persecution would be the consequence of our sinfulness.

On the occasion of his visit to Fatima Pope St John Paul made it clear that the message of Fatima was more relevant and more urgent in our times than when Our Lady first appeared. It is the anguished appeal of our heavenly mother who sees us in great danger and who comes to offer her prayerful guidance.

Refreshments after Sunday Masses


We are now offering refreshments after the 8.30am Sunday Mass as well as the 10.30am.

Pop in for a cup of tea and put names to the faces which have been so familiar over the years. Fr Jerome.

P.S. We need 1 extra person to help with the coffee rota after 10.30am Mass on a Sunday morning. The commitment would be once every 5 weeks. Also more volunteers to help at the 8.30 refreshments would also be welcome. If you can help, please contact Mary on 01768 891173.

Prayer request

I am sure that many parishioners will remember Roy Mockett who was a parishioner at St Catherine’s for many years. He was particularly involved in dealing with the parish finances and did some excellent work for us. Roy died a couple of years ago and I have just been notified that he has left a very generous legacy to St Catherine’s. Can I ask that you remember him in your prayers. Fr Jerome

Mass in Many Tongues

Mass of Many tongues.jpg

After last year's success, we will have a Mass of Many Tongues at the 10.30 Mass on Sunday, 3 September and be followed by a BBQ to give everyone a chance to mix together.

As far as the BBQ is concerned: many hands would make light work, so if you would lend a hand could you put your name on the list in the narthex. And as for the liturgy of the Mass and celebrating its different parts in different languages: could I ask those of our parish but whose mother-tongue is other than English to offer to take part in the celebration.

It would be useful for starters to see how many would take an active part in these two ways, please put your name and tel. no. on the list displayed in the narthex. Thank You. Fr Jerome

Report from Monze, Zambia

James Corboy School

This week I would like to say a little about the third important item dealt with during my visit to Zambia. This was the wish which had been expressed, on both sides, for the twinning of St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School and the Bishop James Corboy School in Mazabuka, southern Zambia. Bishop Corboy was the first bishop of Monze Diocese which is why the Sisters of the Holy Spirit wished to name their new primary school after him.

Our children not only prepared material for me to take to Zambia but took photos and a film of their school life with some children’s interviews. I in my turn visited and spoke to the children in the African school, took photos and some film work which I brought back with me. I hope to show this to you in the Haydock Centre on Tuesday, 18th July at 6.30pm and to the school children, Friday 14th July at 9am. The real challenge will be how we continue and expand this communication. Fr Jerome.

Monze Mission Hospital


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the many generous donations which have come in over the last few weeks in support of this hospital in the town of Monze managed by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit.

As well as the £506.95 from the parish plant sale, £107.24 from the Passover celebration and a £50 donation there have been gifts of £585.13 from the parish in Workington with two magnificent gifts of £1,595 and £1,875 each. This raised the total in our Helpers of the Holy Spirit Sisters Charity to over £11,000.

All this has been most opportune since in January I had asked Sr Juunza, who manages the Monze Hospital, if she had any particular project in hand which needed support. She forwarded the outline of a project for a new neonatal unit and though its cost is far in excess of what we can manage nevertheless our gift of £10,560, which I have just sent out to Zambia, will be a great help.

If you wish to know more about the details, both of our Charity Account and of the project for the new neonatal unit you may find copies for the same in the narthex. You are free to take from these. The former gives details of monies which have come into the Charity since its inception in 2004 - though with names of donors removed. Over £70,000 has been sent out to Zambia in the last thirteen years in the form of sixteen ‘gifts’. The second set of copies are of Sr Juunza’s more detailed account of the project for the neonatal unit. There are also copies of her details for the construction of the Outpatients Department which we previously supported and is now completed.

**  Details of St Catherine's primary school twinning with Bishop James Corboy School in Mazabuka, of the links between our Lancaster Diocese and the Diocese of Monze and not least of our support for the Monze Mission Hospital managed by the Sisters of the Holy Spirit will come soon. **

Fr Jerome