Solemn Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Quarant’Ore or 40 Hours)


Our annual weekend of Solemn Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Quarant’Ore or 40 Hours) is this weekend (Friday 12th - Sunday 14th October 2018).


We welcome Bishop Paul Swarbrick to celebrate Mass at 10.30am with St. Catherine’s School and parishioners. It will be his first visit to our Parish as Bishop. We are most grateful that he is leading us in prayer at the start of our weekend of Solemn Exposition. All are welcome.

Watching follows this Mass and concludes at 7pm with Night Prayer led by the Prayer Group.


Mass is at 9am (Confessions 9.30 am–10am) with watching until Night Prayer at 7pm led by the Altar Servers.


Mass 8.30am (watching from 9.30-10) Mass at 10.30am followed by watching until Benediction at 4pm to conclude.

Thanks to all who have spent time in church over the last couple of days. Special thanks to the Flower Team, CWL and sacristans for all their preparations. Fr. John

Today is Prisoners’ Sunday

This is the beginning of Prisoners Week, when we are asked to pray for those who are prisoners, for the victims of crime, for the families of both victims and perpetrators of crime, for our communities, for those who work in prisons and for all who work in the criminal justice system. For more information go to or see leaflets in the narthex.

prisoners sunday.png

Altar Serving at Weekday Mass

keep calm.jpg

It would be a great help if the current adult servers could form a regular rota to set up for and serve the Masses from Tues-Sat. Not all days are covered at present. The preparation of church before Mass would leave Fr. John free for his own personal preparation.

If you can help, please sign the list in the sacristy or speak to Fr. John or Mervyn Edwards. New servers are welcome.

Thank you.

News from St Catherine's Primary School


We hope you have had the opportunity to see our new Mission Statement in situ and approve. The wonderful gentlemen from AST signs were very impressed and declared, ‘Everyone will know there is a Catholic School here!’ which was exactly what we wanted to achieve. We were very proud of our children celebrating Mass with Bishop Paul and very honoured to have had the opportunity to meet the Bishop and show him around school. Thank you very much to Richard, the organist, for his patience and time, allowing the children to practice singing along to the organ, it really helped to give them confidence.

We have had lots of parents visiting school ready for next September’s Reception class; if you know of any families with children around that age, please encourage them to contact school as we would hate for anyone to miss out on a place. Angela Hill Headteacher

Important Abortion bill on 23 October


On 23 October MPs are voting on a crucial change to the abortion law the start of the process to repeal s58 & 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 which is what makes abortion illegal in this country. (The 1967 Abortion Act simply added some conditions under which this was not the case.) If this change happens it will:

  • mean that abortion will be legal up to 28 weeks and for any reason, including sex-selective abortions (which disproportionately target females)

  • remove information gathering (eg statistics on sex-selective abortions, late abortions)

  • remove “conscientious objection” for medical students

  • allow the abortion industry to be their own regulator

The vote on 23 October is to "test the water” to see whether there is support in parliament for the repeal of the 1861 Act. So it will not change the law yet but the outcome will be significant in terms of future parliamentary action, in particular, it will indicate which way MPs have voted.

Please visit or send a personal letter or email to your MP to ask him/her to vote against the bill on 23 October or send a SPUC postcard which are available at the back of church.

Further briefing notes are available here.

Thank you Jane Plasom-Scott email:

Monze - fundraising for the Neo-Natal Unit


At our recent meeting we shared the following ideas for future events, collecting Smartie tubes again, a talk on Cattle Droving, a whist drive, a race night, a Pudding Evening, a quiz, a Film Evening, Donation Cards, bake sale etc. We intend to organise a Film Evening before Christmas . Also to design and print some Donation Cards which you may wish to offer your friends and family as a Christmas gift or for another occasion. If you have any further ideas for fundraising, and can offer help with future events, please email me at A short meeting is planned after the 10.30am Mass on Sunday 21st October if you would like to join us. Judith Bayley

Education Mass - St Peters Cathedral Lancaster, 7pm, 12th October


All parishioners are invited to join Bishop Paul at the annual Diocese of Lancaster Education Mass: This invitation extends in a special way to all those involved in education and faith formation; catechists, youth ministry, children’s liturgy, school governors and all who are involved in teaching, (Catholic or State sector). The celebration give us the opportunity to express our thanks and acknowledge the contributions made by all those in the Diocese and to ask for God’s blessing.

Calling all people with 'green fingers’ - Volunteers required.


The two people, Michael and Philip, who have done an excellent job for a long time in keeping the gardens at St Catherine’s looking really nice, are ready to hang up their trowels. Sincere thanks from all in the parish to them for their hard work and commitment!

We are now looking for two new volunteers to maintain the gardens. If you are interested, or want to know a bit more about what is involved, please contact Paul Harper on 01768 897122