September - Awareness Month for St. Vincent de Paul Society


Our main area of activity has been visiting people in their own homes, in hospital and in care homes, some of whom are parishioners and others non parishioners referred to us by agencies such as Age UK or Adult Social Care. We have also provided furniture, large electrical items, cooking utensils, cutlery and clothing for a disadvantaged young person moving into a flat. Each month we donate £40 of food to the Salvation Army Foodbank and at Christmas we provide small presents for the young residents of Eden Rural Foyer, Penrith.

We are twinned with St. George’s Conference in Punnacaud, Kerala, India and as well as our annual twinnage support payment of £150, we have undertaken a special project for the villagers. This is to help people set up small businesses with finance rather than borrowing from moneylenders and being charged extortionate interest rates. We started in 2018 and it will involve paying £313 annually over a three year period.

We thank you most sincerely for your support to our collection box each Sunday. Without your generous donations we would be unable to carry out our work. Mary Coen, Secretary