Feast day of St John Boste — Tuesday 24 July 2018


St John Boste is one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales to be canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1970. Born at Dufton near Appleby in 1544, he was educated at Appleby Grammar School and later became the School’s headmaster. Living during the difficult times of Elizabeth I’s reign, he reverted to Catholicism and travelled to France to be ordained. For the next twelve years he risked his life as a missionary priest in the North of England becoming known as the ‘Stag of The Forest’ to his hunters. Betrayed by a friend, he was captured and imprisoned for several months in the Tower of London and suffered severe torture on the rack. He behaved with undaunted courage and resolution. St John Boste was hung, drawn and quartered near Durham on 24 July 1594 in a most brutal and purposeful manner as a warning to others. His faith never wavered as he recited The Angelus whilst ascending the ladder to his death. An eyewitness to his martyrdom was fellow priest, Blessed Christopher Robinson, who wrote a graphic account of the execution. Christopher was to suffer a similar fate at Carlisle in 1598. St John Boste Pray for Us.

High Cup Nick July18.JPG

We had a great walk up High Cup Nick, praying The Angelus at the top, in honour of St John Boste.

Thanks to Peter for organising it!