On behalf of the Religious Sisters of the Holy Spirit, and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the life, faith and joys shared with you in this Parish, in Alston, and in your individual homes.

During my seven weeks of staying in St Catherine's Parish, I experienced a lot of generosity and genuine hospitality from all of you. I would like to spell out some of the events that will remain outstanding to me:

  • The joyful laughter while having coffee in the Haydock Centre
  • The successful barbecue from which you raised £1,035 for Monze Mission Hospital
  • The hospitality in your homes, where you kept the doors open for me to stay either for days or meals.
  • The sense of belonging that your school provides to the pupils is so evident in the way the children are relaxed and happy in school.

Sincere gratitude to the former Parish Priest, Fr. Jerome Ainsworth who invited me to the Parish, and to his successor Fr. John Winstanley, who warmly welcomed me and has carried on with the 'Helpers of the Holy Spirit Sisters'.

Ndalumba Kapati!!!!!! May the Spirit of God remain present with you always.

Farewell, until we meet again Sr. Juunza C. Mwangani (RSHS)