LENT 2018 - preparation for Easter


Stations of the Cross immediately after the Friday Masses during Lent.

Marian Devotions, hymn and rosary, with the Thursday evening Mass.

Adoration of Blessed Sacrament & Confessions 9am to 10am on Saturday mornings followed by Mass at 10am.

A Lenten daily penance of your choosing: prayer or act of charity.


Fasting and Abstinence during Lent

Fasting, on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday is for those between the ages of 18yrs and 60yrs and means having only one full meal, with a little food being taken at breakfast and midday or evening.

Abstinence, for everyone over the age of 14 years and by the recent instruction of the bishops of England and Wales applies to every Friday of the whole year as well as Ash Wednesday. It involves abstaining from meat and meat products.

Fasting from food before receiving Holy Communion (this applies not only in Lent but throughout the year)  (1) Communicants should fast from solid food & from drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, for one hour before the time of Communion; water does not break the fast. (2) The sick, even those not confined to bed and those directly involved in tending the sick may take non-alcoholic liquids and true medicines, including food, at any time.