Important Abortion bill on 23 October


On 23 October MPs are voting on a crucial change to the abortion law the start of the process to repeal s58 & 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 which is what makes abortion illegal in this country. (The 1967 Abortion Act simply added some conditions under which this was not the case.) If this change happens it will:

  • mean that abortion will be legal up to 28 weeks and for any reason, including sex-selective abortions (which disproportionately target females)

  • remove information gathering (eg statistics on sex-selective abortions, late abortions)

  • remove “conscientious objection” for medical students

  • allow the abortion industry to be their own regulator

The vote on 23 October is to "test the water” to see whether there is support in parliament for the repeal of the 1861 Act. So it will not change the law yet but the outcome will be significant in terms of future parliamentary action, in particular, it will indicate which way MPs have voted.

Please visit or send a personal letter or email to your MP to ask him/her to vote against the bill on 23 October or send a SPUC postcard which are available at the back of church.

Further briefing notes are available here.

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