The Wanderer Returns!

Yes, indeed, the wanderer has returned after four long months and is delighted to be back again at home, albeit for a little while! I want to thank with all my heart the many scores if not hundreds who sent me good wishes for a full recovery from a double coronary bypass. Never having been ill before in any serious way, still less needing to go to hospital, I did not appreciate how much good wishes, prayers and support aided a swift and complete recovery.

I am especially grateful to the may teams of parishioners who served the parish and its mission in my absence. This is truly the mark of God’s spirit working among you. All who are active in the parish in this way know the time it takes to deal with the many details of parish life. Many, many thanks to you all on behalf of the parish as well as myself.

I must also thank the National Health Service (in these times when they receive so much criticism!) They could not have been more care-full and attentive, and need I say SUCCESSFUL! Just to show how small the world is, the surgeon who worked on me had also operated on my brother in law for a similar complaint three years ago in a Belfast Hospital.