Supporting Monze Mission Hospital

As Fr Jerome is retiring we are restructuring the Monze Mission Hospital fundraising group, the new committee members are:

  • Chair: Judith Bayley/Laura Reid
  • Secretary: Teresa Taylor
  • Treasurer: John Poland

If you are interested in being part of this group, either as a committee member or a helper in any other capacity, please contact one of the above. We would really welcome your support in any way.

 Sr Juunza

Sr Juunza

The Monze Mission Hospital is in Monze, Zambia and began in 1964 as a small health centre for the local population under the apostolate of Sisters of the Holy Spirit. It has grown into a large district hospital, with 276 beds, providing both midwifery and nurse training in the Southern Province. The Southern Province in Zambia is a vast grassland of many villages and a few small towns. Few people have paid work, most survive by subsistence farming. Malnutrition is widespread with only the basics in schooling and health care. The average life is only 33 years.

Since 2006 our charity “Helpers of the Holy Spirit Sisters” has sent over £70,000 to support this Hospital and their work in education. We will be visited in May by Sr Juunza who manages the hospital, who will let us know of the hospital priorities. We would very much like your continued help in supporting this worthy cause. From next week we plan to have a change bucket in the porch of the church where donations of loose change can be made. We would like your support in terms of your time, your ideas and your prayers. If you would like to help in any way, please contact me by leaving a note with your name in the sacristy. Teresa Taylor, secretary.