Putting the parish Sunday Mass on your computer or television

Elderly man.jpg

What about giving our parishioners, be they elderly, disabled or housebound, the chance of watching and listening to the Mass transmitted from St Catherine’s church to their computer or television on a Sunday morning?

I am looking into the feasibility and costs of this which involves discretely installing a camera/facilities in the church. The technical term for this is ‘streaming', that is streaming the Mass to your home. This would be an important pastoral support for those who are unable to come to church even on a temporary basis. They would feel less isolated and more part of our parish community.

Please let me know what you think of this idea and to what extent it would be a benefit to parishioners and others. It is an item on the parish pastoral council agenda this coming Thursday giving you the chance to tell me or any PPC member what you think about this opportunity.  Fr Jerome.