Petition for the beatification of John Bradburne


John Randal Bradburne was born on 14 June 1921 here in Cumbria very near to Penrith at the Vicarage in Skirwith. Baptized an Anglican he became a Catholic in 1947 and spent his life as a spiritual pilgrim travelling through England, Israel, Italy, Belgium, Greece before eventually settling in a leper colony in what is now Zimbabwe. There is spent the remainder of his life tending with great love and care to the lepers. During the civil war there, and though warned to leave, he continued to care for the lepers for which he was murdered in 1979.

The first step in his canonization would be to receive from the Pope the title of 'Servant of God.

Please consider signing the petition for the beatification of John Bradburne. This can be done here: or by going to the John Bradburne Memorial Society website at and clicking on the beatification button to sign the form.