Gift Aid Envelopes for the year commencing 6th April 2017

The new boxes of yellow offertory envelopes which start with 6th April are now available at the back of church (those for St Wulstan's will be taken to Alston by Fr Jerome).


At this time of the year we are required to remind you that for your offerings, including standing orders, and other donations to qualify for gift aid you must continue to be a taxpayer, paying an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equivalent to the tax to be reclaimed on all your donations given under Gift Aid to the Parish and all other charities in any one tax year. Please ask me if this requires an explanation.

If you are a taxpayer and would like to commence gift-aiding your cash offerings, please ask me for a form and an explanation of the scheme which will add 25p to the Parish income for every £1 donated. If you prefer, you may make your offering by standing order for which I would give you the forms.

Visitors to our Parish who are taxpayers are invited to gift-aid their offerings by using the pink envelopes left out on the pews. The tax reclaimed provides a significant addition to the Parish income for which we are most grateful to our visitors. Philip Holland, Parish Gift Aid Organiser (01768 840788)