My visit in May this year to Zambia and Monze Mission Hospital


We have recently reformed our support group in the parish for the Congregation of the Holy Spirit Sisters and their management of the Mission Hospital in the township of Monze, southern Zambia. This group generously raised over £800 before Christmas for the Sisters and their work in the hospital. Take a copy from the narthex of their Report of how our last donation was spent. Sr Juunza, the hospital manager, has just sent us a document outlining the project for a new neonatal unit for the hospital.

The Sisters wish for more than our fundraising, though this is important. They wish for our prayers not just for the Mission Hospital but also for their life as a Congregation. We do this every first Thursday Mass in the month. Do join us!

I am travelling to Zambia this May to stay with the Sisters, see their work and spend a longer time at the Hospital as well as visiting the Bishop of Monze diocese. I will speak of our parish, its concern for them and come back with a report of their life and work, especially of the Hospital. I will also invite one or two of the sisters to Penrith.

Please support the fundraising efforts for the Sisters that are taking place during Lent. Thank you. Fr Jerome.