Rosary Meditation

Our Lady of the Rosary

We are fast approaching May - the month of the Holy Rosary. One of the more difficult aspects when saying the rosary is to keep focused on the actual mysteries of the rosary. So I have had a book of rosary meditations printed based on mainly scriptural verse which helps to overcome this difficulty. Fr Jerome hopes to take some booklets with him to Monze to give to the Sisters there. I have about 40 booklets left which I hope to use for fund raising for Monze. If you would like to purchase one of these booklets any donation would be kindly appreciated. A suggested donation of £5 would raise £200 for the Monze Mission Hospital. Booklets are now for sale in the narthex. Harry Seddon 01768 895367

Your Voice Matters/Mega Youth Poll

mega youth poll

In 2018, Pope Francis will invite Bishops and others to Rome to talk about Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment. At this gathering they will discuss how the Catholic Church can accompany young people in their faith and help them to hear God’s call. If you are aged between 13-29 years old, the Catholic Church in England and Wales would like to hear from you, we want to hear what life is like, your thoughts on faith and how you connect with the Catholic Church.

To help you tell us we have created a Youth Poll that you can access using this link If you’re not in this age group but would like to help, please encourage the young people you know to respond to this poll by giving them the link. For queries about the Youth Poll please email:

News coming via the Internet

Increasing amount of news and information is coming by the Internet via emails, blogs, etc. in a way that is becoming very impractical and too expensive to print, though highlights can be put into our weekly newsletter.

latest news banner

The Catholic Bishops Conference for England & Wales newsletter is a typical example: this digital newsletter gives a title and introduction to each article but you need to click the link provided to see the bulk of the article.

It would make sense to distribute such information to those of our parishioners who might be interested probably at the moment via email attachments, though as time progresses there will undoubtedly be more apposite methods. I will ask the PPC to discuss the practicalities of this which would depend on having parishioner email addresses gathered on one distribution list.

It does however concern me that those who do not have the technology or who choose not to use it are ‘getting left behind’, but I can see no alternative for distributing news items which come in this form. Fr Jerome

Your Parish needs You!

Lord KItchener

One of the major issues raised at the Parish pastoral Council meeting on Thursday 23rd March was the urgent need for volunteers to support the various activities within the parish - see list below. The PPC is asking for you to consider playing a part in supporting the following parish activities with whatever time you can give:

  • Church Fire Wardens at Mass
  • Organist/Cantor for the Sunday Masses
  • Helpers with post-baptismal programme
  • Group to serve refreshments after 8.30 Sunday Mass
  • Social Activities Co-ordinator
  • Church and grounds maintenance, Gardeners

If you feel you can help in any kind of way with the above then please contact me with your name, contact details and the area you would like to help with and I will get back to you with more information. Many thanks! Lorna Mullett, Secretary to the Parish Pastoral Council. Tel 01768 840903, Email:

Gift Aid Envelopes for the year commencing 6th April 2017

The new boxes of yellow offertory envelopes which start with 6th April are now available at the back of church (those for St Wulstan's will be taken to Alston by Fr Jerome).


At this time of the year we are required to remind you that for your offerings, including standing orders, and other donations to qualify for gift aid you must continue to be a taxpayer, paying an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equivalent to the tax to be reclaimed on all your donations given under Gift Aid to the Parish and all other charities in any one tax year. Please ask me if this requires an explanation.

If you are a taxpayer and would like to commence gift-aiding your cash offerings, please ask me for a form and an explanation of the scheme which will add 25p to the Parish income for every £1 donated. If you prefer, you may make your offering by standing order for which I would give you the forms.

Visitors to our Parish who are taxpayers are invited to gift-aid their offerings by using the pink envelopes left out on the pews. The tax reclaimed provides a significant addition to the Parish income for which we are most grateful to our visitors. Philip Holland, Parish Gift Aid Organiser (01768 840788)

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

CAP is a 20 year old voluntary organisation to support those who seem to be in impossible financial difficulties. Its work is not to pay off whatever is the debt but, in both a professional and befriending way, to support the client to manage the situation.

There are two sides to its work. On the one hand professional advice is obtained with CAP negotiating with the banks, etc on behalf of the client. This financially professional body is based in Bradford. Individuals seeking the assistance of CAP give it authority to negotiate with creditors and organise the client's finances so as to make them debt free within 5 years or negotiate a managed insolvency.

On the other hand in the local regions, for instance in Penrith, there will be people who act as befrienders, that is who "walk with the client" to encourage and support him or her to carry out the plan of action which has been professionally negotiated by Bradford. Then there are others, those "bringing blessings" who give general & practical support to the client and the befriender, for instance preparing a Christmas hamper, or sending birthday greetings.

The emphasis is to reassure the clients they are not alone, and to encourage them to follow the financial plan negotiated by CAP to manage their finances.

CAP is a Christian initiative. Although CAP in Penrith is only a year old nevertheless there have been two successes with two clients completing the process of clearing their debts.

Would you like to know more? Do have a word with John Poland or me. I do think this is one of the surest ways of working together ecumenically with other Christian bodies which our Church encourages us to do. Fr Jerome.

My visit in May this year to Zambia and Monze Mission Hospital


We have recently reformed our support group in the parish for the Congregation of the Holy Spirit Sisters and their management of the Mission Hospital in the township of Monze, southern Zambia. This group generously raised over £800 before Christmas for the Sisters and their work in the hospital. Take a copy from the narthex of their Report of how our last donation was spent. Sr Juunza, the hospital manager, has just sent us a document outlining the project for a new neonatal unit for the hospital.

The Sisters wish for more than our fundraising, though this is important. They wish for our prayers not just for the Mission Hospital but also for their life as a Congregation. We do this every first Thursday Mass in the month. Do join us!

I am travelling to Zambia this May to stay with the Sisters, see their work and spend a longer time at the Hospital as well as visiting the Bishop of Monze diocese. I will speak of our parish, its concern for them and come back with a report of their life and work, especially of the Hospital. I will also invite one or two of the sisters to Penrith.

Please support the fundraising efforts for the Sisters that are taking place during Lent. Thank you. Fr Jerome.

Food Bank donations needed


There are many needy people in Penrith dependent on the town’s Food Bank. Please help by regularly donating non-perishables like: tinned soup, rice pudding, tinned meat/fish, tinned fruit, tinned tomatoes, sponge pudding ; UHT or powdered milk (not fresh); sugar; pasta sauces; fruit juice (cartons only); cereal; tea bags/instant coffee; rice/pasta; jam. Good shelf life essential.

Thank you!

Please leave in the Food Bank box in the Narthex.