Bishop Elect for the Diocese of Lancaster


Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has named Canon Paul Swarbrick, at present Parish Priest of Christ the Good Shepherd, Workington and Harrington as the seventh Bishop of the Dioces of Lancaser. A native son of the Diocese of Lancaster, Bishop-elect Swarbrick comes to the office of bishop with considerable pastoral experience, having served since his ordination in a number of parishes in the Diocese as well as a long period of fifteen years as a fidei donum priest in the rural areas of the Diocese of Monze , Zambia. Bishop-elect Swarbrick will be ordained Bishop and take possession of the Diocese at St Peter's Cathedral, Lancaster on Monday 9th April, LOw Sunday, at 9.30am.

May I add on a personal note, how delighted I was to hear of the choice of Fr Paul with whom I spent some time in Zambia: a good and spiritual person, approachable but one who keeps his own counsel, one who was and is eminently a pastoral priest. Keep him and his mission in your prayers. He, along with all out bishops, do very much need our pastoral support. Fr Jerome.

Supporting Monze Mission Hospital

Sr Juunza

Sr Juunza

As Fr Jerome is retiring we are restructuring the Monze Mission Hospital fundraising group, the new committee members are:

  • Chair: Judith Bayley/Laura Reid
  • Secretary: Teresa Taylor
  • Treasurer: John Poland

If you are interested in being part of this group, either as a committee member or a helper in any other capacity, please contact one of the above. We would really welcome your support in any way.

We will soon welcome to Penrith Sr Juunza who has been the chief administrator of Monze Hospital for 10 years. This gives us an opportunity to discover first hand what the hospital needs by way of equipment etc. We look forward to your generous help and support.

LENT 2018 - preparation for Easter


Stations of the Cross immediately after the Friday Masses during Lent.

Marian Devotions, hymn and rosary, with the Thursday evening Mass.

Adoration of Blessed Sacrament & Confessions 9am to 10am on Saturday mornings followed by Mass at 10am.

A Lenten daily penance of your choosing: prayer or act of charity.


Fasting and Abstinence during Lent

Fasting, on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday is for those between the ages of 18yrs and 60yrs and means having only one full meal, with a little food being taken at breakfast and midday or evening.

Abstinence, for everyone over the age of 14 years and by the recent instruction of the bishops of England and Wales applies to every Friday of the whole year as well as Ash Wednesday. It involves abstaining from meat and meat products.

Fasting from food before receiving Holy Communion (this applies not only in Lent but throughout the year)  (1) Communicants should fast from solid food & from drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, for one hour before the time of Communion; water does not break the fast. (2) The sick, even those not confined to bed and those directly involved in tending the sick may take non-alcoholic liquids and true medicines, including food, at any time.

Churches Together in Penrith Lenten Reflection

Join us this Lent for a practical course helping us to tell other people the story of what Jesus means to us, as we look at stories of the life of Moses.

Week One Mon 19 Feb, at the Salvation Army, Theme: “My Story” Exodus 6. 1-13

Week Two: Tues 27 Feb at St Catherine’s  Theme: “Telling God’s Story” Exodus 3:7-15 & 4:1-13

Week Three: Moving Mountains 8-11 Mar

Moving Mountains is an opportunity for us as churches working together across Cumbria to unite in locally organised mission, outreach and evangelism. We will be joined by teams led by the Church of England (with bishops drawn together by Archbishop Sentamu from the Northern Province), Methodist District Chairs, URC Moderators and Salvation Army District Commanders. We anticipate having about 30-35 such teams visiting the county composed of a mix of lay people, youth workers, ordinands and clergy. The essence of Moving Mountains is local churches planning and doing local mission. The events and style of the mission are decided at local church and area level, with the visiting mission team supporting what has been decided by churches.

Though our Church has not been part of organizing this initiative, nevertheless it is being offered on an ecumenical basis with our Bishop Michael’s signed support and so we are encouraged to take part in the many events being organized.

Week Four: Thurs 15 Mar at the URC Church, Theme: “Hearing the Stories” Exodus 3:1-6

Week Five: Fri 23 Mar at Christ Church, Theme: “Our Story” Numbers 13:17-33

National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress 7th-9th September 2018

Adoremus logo-350x403.png

This will take place in Liverpool. (The first since 1908). Eucharistic Congresses are gatherings of all our people, clergy, religious and laity, which promote an awareness of the central place of the Eucharist in the life and mission of the Church with sessions focusing on different aspects of the Eucharist and celebration & adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. There will be prayer and workshops for all involved.

Throughout the first day there will be prayer and worship with workshops especially for parish catechists but also all others to explore Scripture, Ecclesiology, Eucharistic Language and Catechesis and Rites and Music for Eucharistic Adoration.

The Echo Arena in Liverpool-which can accommodate 10,000 pilgrims-will be the home to a six-hour stage programme on day two, which will include a Congress Mass, keynote speakers and a drama highlighting the beauty of reverence and devotion. The day will conclude with Adoration.

On the third and final day of the Pilgrimage and Congress, Sunday, there will be pilgrimage Masses and a street procession-open to all.

Now is the time for those who may be interested in representing the parish at this Congress (and reporting back to the parish) to come forward. The Congress is over three days and different people could attend on each day if that is their preference. If you would be interested, please speak with me after Mass or call me during the week if you want more detail. Thank you. Fr Jerome

The Wanderer Returns!

Yes, indeed, the wanderer has returned after four long months and is delighted to be back again at home, albeit for a little while! I want to thank with all my heart the many scores if not hundreds who sent me good wishes for a full recovery from a double coronary bypass. Never having been ill before in any serious way, still less needing to go to hospital, I did not appreciate how much good wishes, prayers and support aided a swift and complete recovery.

I am especially grateful to the may teams of parishioners who served the parish and its mission in my absence. This is truly the mark of God’s spirit working among you. All who are active in the parish in this way know the time it takes to deal with the many details of parish life. Many, many thanks to you all on behalf of the parish as well as myself.

I must also thank the National Health Service (in these times when they receive so much criticism!) They could not have been more care-full and attentive, and need I say SUCCESSFUL! Just to show how small the world is, the surgeon who worked on me had also operated on my brother in law for a similar complaint three years ago in a Belfast Hospital.

Salvation Army Food Bank Appeal


There are many needy people in Penrith dependent on the town’s Food Bank. Please help by regularly donating non-perishables like: tinned soup, rice pudding, tinned meat/fish, tinned fruit, tinned tomatoes, sponge pudding ; UHT or powdered milk (not fresh); sugar; pasta sauces; fruit juice (cartons only); cereal; tea bags/instant coffee; rice/pasta; jam. Good shelf life essential.

We have received the suggestion from the Salvation Army who manage the Food Bank on behalf of all the churches in Penrith to say that there is a need for rice puddings and for tinned carrots in particular. Other goods are of course very welcome too. Thank you for your continuing support!

Please leave in the Food Bank box in the Narthex.