Parish Pastoral Council

Our Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) “is a consultative body to enable the parish priest and people to work together to build up a dynamic Christian community that is characterised by faith, mission, worship and service”.

In particular the PPC facilitates the coordination of parish services regarding:

  1. proclaiming God’s Word and developing faith formation, especially for the young,

  2. fostering sacramental, liturgical and prayer life,

  3. supporting marriage and family life,

  4. enabling the lay faithful in their vocation of shaping society in accordance with the Gospel,

  5. strengthening commitment to social justice in caring for the poor and marginalised

and facilitates:

  1. fostering leadership in reaching out to young people in their journey of faith,

  2. welcoming new members especially those of different nationalities and culture,

  3. encouraging the parish to address social challenges by being sensitive to the needs of all.

The chosen representatives for the PPC are:

  • Secretarial & Financial - Jane Plasom-Scott

  • Fabric - Alan Catterson

  • Haydock Centre Management- Lorna Mullett (Secretary)

  • Safeguarding/Health & Safety - Fiona Roebuck

  • Sacristan & church cleaning - Marie Borradaile

  • Eucharistic ministers & Readers - John Kent

  • Liturgy & church music, servers - Paul Harper

  • Prayer groups, ecumenism - Betty Butterworth

  • Sacrament/Programme Catechesis - David Greaves

  • Young people, school governors - Denis Smith

  • Parish groups eg SVP, CWL - Sue Chandler

  • Representing the wider parish - (1) Michael Mullett, (2) Michael Coen, (3) Jerry Rowan

  • Representing St Wulstan’s, Alston - (1) Paul Parkin

  • President - Fr John Winstanley

Dates for PPC meetings will be in the Newsletter.

Minutes of the PPC will be displayed on the notice boards at both churches.

If you would like the PPC to consider any items at its next meeting please email PPC Chair, Gerard Ainsworth on

Parish representatives:


St. Catherine’s: Fiona Roebuck and Rosemary Oakley

St. Wulstan’s: Debbie Barratt and Jeanette Haslam

Heath & Safety

St. Catherine’s: Martin and Rosemary Oakley

St. Wulstan’s: Paul Parkin and Kit England