Confirmation is the Sacrament that completes baptism, in it the gift of the Holy Spirit is bestowed on you. You become a full-fledged, responsible member of the Catholic Church. (YouCat 203)


Confirmation preparation takes place when there is a group of young people ready to be confirmed.

This involves 6 sessions of input and discussion which takes place at St Catherine’s. There is also usually a day retreat opportunity at Castlerigg Manor for the young people. Elements of the programme include:

Welcome & belonging

An opportunity to explore what it means to belong, to be a Catholic, to consider what it means to be a Christian and to live a life of faith.

Called & chosen

An understanding of our individual calling to live a life of faith, to consider direction and purpose; to grow and walk in faith; the role of prayer in our life. Look at the disciples.  

Welcoming the Spirit

Understanding who the Holy Spirit is and the gift we are being prepared to receive. The gifts and fruits of the Spirit.

Make a difference

Called to act in the power of the Spirit – looking at faith, justice, and action. An opportunity to think about the Saints and the name they will choose.


Called to Community

Being part of a worshipping community; becoming involved. The Trinity that we're called to share in the life of.

The power of the Spirit

Perhaps exploring the Beatitudes, what comes next – ways of growing after Confirmation, staying involved, perhaps some discussion on Vocation.


If you would like to be confirmed, contact Fr John.