Sacrament of the Sick


There are cards at the back of church for you to carry in your purse or wallet indicating that you are a Catholic and asking for a priest to be called in the event of an emergency.

Holy Communion

It is customary for the priest to take Holy Communion to the sick of the parish on a Friday morning - please do ask for this if you or one of your family or friends is unwell.

Visiting the elderly in the local Care Homes is an important part of this service.

Hospital visits

If you or one of your family or friends goes into hospital, please make sure you let us know:

Penrith Hospital – inform Fr John Winstanley at St Catherine’s

Carlisle Infirmary – inform the Hospital Chaplain but also let Fr John know.

This is particularly important as it is no longer possible for a priest to visit a patient uninvited.

Serious illness

If someone is seriously ill do call the priest so that he can pray with the person and administer the sacrament of the sick.



If a relative has passed away please call the priest to discuss funeral arrangements before making arrangements with the undertaker.