Four months on .......

I came to the parish in March to face with you the worst weather for a while with the ‘beast from the East’! Now I have enjoyed with you the lovely summer sunshine of recent days! Many thanks for your great welcome and for your strong, ongoing, support in our parish life together. I have a couple of outpatient appointments re my voice over the summer, the first next week, so your continued prayers are much appreciated. When Fr. Jerome and I spoke last February, prior to his retirement, it seemed wise that we had a period of transition, for all concerned, before he returned to concelebrate Mass as he would be living in the town. We decided together that July onwards would be a good point for him to return and join us for Mass whenever he wished. I saw him recently and thanked him for his patience! He has, of course, been of great assistance with the recent parish pilgrimage to Lourdes and with Sr. Juunza’s visit from Monze. He has also been helping out in other parishes and has had some holidays and he looks extremely well. Moving forwards, please put in your diary the first visit of Bishop Paul to our parish on Friday 12 October when he will celebrate Mass at 10.30am for parishioners and the school. This is the start of our annual Solemn Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. We look forward to welcoming our new Bishop and let’s keep him always in our prayers. Fr. John

Lourdes Pilgrimage ... Welcome back!

Our parish Lourdes pilgrims are now back home after their week at Our Lady’s Shrine in Lourdes. We look forward to hearing all about their week and are grateful for their prayers. Petitions from parishioners were taken to the Grotto and a candle lit for the intentions of all parishioners at St. Catherine’s and St. Wulstan’s. Our thanks again to Michelle for leading the group and to Fr. Jerome their chaplain.

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham 2018


The dates have changed to 2-5 October. The pilgrimage will be led by Bishop Paul Swarbrick. Cost is £280 full board for 3 nights based on people sharing. There will be a pick up point in Penrith. Closing date for bookings is Monday 25 June

. On booking, a non-refundable deposit of £80 is required (cheques made payable to the Office of the New Evangelisation).

See poster in narthex for more details or contact Paul Briers Pilgrimage Organiser 01946 834834, 07773848819 or

Fire Escape Doorway


A Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out of the Church and Presbytery. This identified the need for a fire escape doorway at the South end of the church. A new door is planned in the South-West wall of the transept between the Lady altar and the stained glass window. The doorway will have an oak door with dressed stone cill and lintels. A planning application has been submitted for the work. Once approved, we need approval from the Diocese to proceed with the work. A plan showing the proposed doorway details is on display on the notice-board at the back of Church. You can view full details on the Eden Council Planning website under planning application ref 18/0241. For any more information, contact Martin Oakley.

The burial place of George Leo Haydock, parish priest of St Catherine’s


There are historical references to the burial of Fr George Leo Haydock being within our church building. Though not our first parish priest Fr Haydock was not only responsible for the financing and erection of its building but was a man of some standing in Penrith, among other things he quelled a major riot between hundred of workers about to take place outside the town. He also annotated and, with his brother, edited what is now known as The Haydock Bible, a copy of which was used by president John F Kennedy for the swearing in of his presidency; another copy of which is on display in our church. A Texan, Mr Sidney Ohlhausen, who has made a life long study of the Haydock brothers, recently financed a radar-penetrating survey of the floor of St Catherine's to see if we can locate the burial place of this famous parish priest of ours.

We now have the report of the geophysical survey undertaken on 5th September to investigate the possibility that Fr George Leo Haydock is buried somewhere in the church. The report is lengthy and highly technical and on the nature of the geophysical evidence adduced it does not give a definitive or conclusive verdict on the possibility of the burial. Michael Mullett